Hey, thanks for checking out some of my work! My name is Dylan, I'm guessing you know that based on the banner being my name. I graduated from Full Sail University in Orlando, FL. My main degree was Film and Game animation but my specialty was Texturing and Lighting. I've been freelancing since I got out of college with the exception of some consistent in house jobs and I have a lot of fun with it. Freelancing has allowed me to interact and work with some really great people as well as companies which has only furthered my passion for my career. I'm always interested in new projects long term or short. I've also always been interested in film and games for as long as I remember, my dad was in the industry so you can say it runs in the family. Since I can remember I have been making short films, video game maps, stop motion, and video effects with one of my best friends who now actively works in LA and we work on projects whenever we have a chance. I was making my first visual effects and shorts before I left elementary school, started making game maps in middle school, and was Adobe certified in Photoshop at the start of high school, it's always been part of my life. Freelancing in south Florida has given me great contacts and VFX/Graphics/Editing work, but my projects always reflect my passion for lighting and texturing. From the CG work to my Photography job and my graphics to VFX jobs my work always reflects my passion for getting the finalized look of a project and understanding the lighting with it's surrounding environment, purpose, and style. My projects have been diverse which has given me more experience with different lighting and texturing but also has shown I can adapt and adjust quickly in new situations. When not working on some of my bigger projects I am always taking smaller ones, so contact me and let's talk about your project (or challenge) and we can get it done!
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